What should you pay attention to when laser hair removal?

Oct. 19, 2019


From the beginning of puberty, the body will grow some excessive or excess hair, such as excessive facial hair, leg hair, mane or long hand hair. Excess hair is a common cosmetic problem that confuses women and men. The traditional hair removal methods include shaving method, mechanical hair removal method, wax depilation method, chemical agent hair removal method, and extraction method. The common disadvantage is that it is difficult to destroy the hair matrix and hair follicle stem cells, and only the temporary hair removal effect can be achieved. Although the electrolysis method and the thermal dissolution method can effectively destroy the hair follicle, the disadvantage is that the operation is cumbersome, time-consuming, inefficient, low in efficacy, and painful, and may leave scars. The use of laser hair removal machine not only achieves permanent hair removal or delays hair regeneration time, but also avoids and reduces the disadvantages of traditional hair removal techniques.


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First, the indication of laser hair removal

For example, if the limbs are exposed to the clothes, the longer hairs and the female lips, the males and the hairs are too low.

Second, the time of laser hair removal

Like other hairy mammals, human hair has a certain regularity in hair growth. Hair removal is better when the hair grows faster and coarser in spring. In the late spring and early summer, the climate is warmer. When the girls change clothes, they wear less clothes. If there are long manes and the hair of the limbs is too long, it will affect the appearance. At this time, there are more people who need hair removal.

In addition, hair growth during the day is faster than at night, and the hair in the growing season is easy to absorb laser light, and the hair removal effect is naturally better.

Third, before and after hair removal matters needing attention

1. Do not use hair removal cream, hair removal cream and other cosmetics before hair removal.

2. Cleanse and bathe before depilation.

3. Go to the plastic surgery hospital and find an experienced doctor. First determine the location and extent of hair removal, because hair removal is permanent, and a certain range of hair removal has a cosmetic effect.

4. The laser has a certain warm feeling when it passes through the skin. This is a normal phenomenon. For those who are particularly sensitive, the doctor will selectively use a little surface anesthetic, and the beauty seeker can complete the hair removal in a pleasant manner.

5, after laser hair removal, the doctor will apply cold hair removal for 10 to 15 minutes, hair removal should avoid exposure to sunlight.

6. After 20 days of hair removal, you should go to the plastic surgery hospital for review. The doctor will determine the hair removal effect and arrange the next hair removal time and hair removal range according to the specific situation.

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