Are you choosing the right key factor for the hair removal device?

Oct. 28, 2019


Since the emergence of laser hair removal technology, after many technical changes, it has been recognized and pursued by the general public in terms of efficacy and safety. Laser hair removal is also popular and popular in people's lives, and the hair removal market is also “suddenly like a spring breeze”. Come, thousands of trees and pears bloom, and glow with vitality.

According to the latest data, the current total population of China is about 1.373 billion. If the female population in the results of the sixth national census shows 48.73% of the country's total population, the current female population in China is about 669 million. If 25% of them are potential hair loss consumers aged 16 to 45, then we will have a consumer market of 167 million people. If we calculate 1,000 yuan per capita, then this market share will be at least 167 billion yuan, and it will be maintained every year. With 40% high-speed growth, the future market cake is still waiting for us to dig!

In recent years, the laser hair removal market has developed rapidly, but there are also many hidden dangers. The variety of laser hair removal machines on the market is mixed, resulting in frequent safety accidents. For the hospital laser beauty department, the choice of medical instruments often determines the performance and reputation of the hospital departments, so how should the department choose the hair removal equipment?

808nm diode laser hair removal machine

808nm diode laser hair removal machine

At present, the wavelength bands of clinically applied hair removal instruments are mostly between 694 nm and 1200 m (such as photon, 755 nm emerald hair removal laser, 808 semiconductor hair removal laser, long pulse Nd:YAG laser, etc.), which can be well absorbed by melanin in hair follicles. At the same time, it can guarantee the depth of penetration into the hair follicle, but there are still big differences in clinical efficacy.

808 semiconductor hair removal laser has low skin damage, small side effects and better therapeutic effect. It has obvious advantages compared with other wavelengths of hair removal laser. The use of 808 laser wavelength for hair removal is more effective, and it is also the preferred wavelength for screening hair removal equipment.

The laser output energy of hair removal equipment is an important indicator that affects the efficiency of hair removal. The higher the laser output energy, the more efficient the hair removal and the more obvious the effect. 808 laser hair removal device adopts imported laser and supplemented by unique innovative fiber output mode, the output energy attenuation is lower, almost no loss, so the light output energy is higher, the measured data shows that its optical power energy is equivalent to the traditional 810nm semiconductor laser 3 ~4 times, the hair removal effect is better, the energy control is more optimized, and the hair removal is more efficient and faster.

Cool, comfortable, safe and painless is a direct reflection of customer comfort, while higher customer comfort can lead to better customer stickiness and word-of-mouth communication. The 808 Semiconductor Hair Removal Instrument uses a new refrigeration design that will integrate the original laser chip. Dispersed collection, larger cooling water capacity, faster heat dissipation and faster cooling, the instrument has a better treatment mode. By the same token, the diameter of the water cooling channel becomes larger, and the heat dissipation of the treatment head is also faster and longer. When the hair is removed, the epidermis ice muscle effect is more clear, and the fiber-optic semiconductor hair removal laser makes it possible to cool and comfort hair removal.

808 permanent hair removal machine, lifetime is available, your first choice for hair removal!

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